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Attention: three things to change on your Google Maps now!



Google Maps is without a doubt one of the best applications for safely reaching any location, whatever the means of travel. transport. It is also a good ally for us to save money on travel, especially when traveling by car. So, in order to make the most of this application, you really need to adjust these settings! This is how you use Google Maps and you haven’t changed this yet, do it now!

Attention: three things to change on your Google Maps now!

Google Maps has the advantage of being able to be configured according to what we expect from this application. That said, the more this app knows about our type of vehicle and what we expect from it, the better things will go and the more we will save. This is in addition to being able to reach our destination in a much more efficient way. So if you are using Google Maps, start by accessing the settings. It’s really very simple. Just open Google Maps and click on your profile image in the top right corner. Then click on Settings.

This is where the journey begins, through everything we need to change.

Edit home or work

This is something that all users must configure. All because with this information Google Maps will help us get everywhere on time and with some advance notice it will even notify us of the state of the city. Traffic and whether or not there is an accident.

Google Maps in the Car

So click on the Edit home or work option.

Then, in the new window, just click on the Home option to define our address and do the same again in the work option.

Navigation Settings

Now there are several things that can be adjusted in the navigation settings. The most important in terms of driving are the route options.

This is where we can choose to avoid motorways whenever possible, avoid tolls and ferries.

Furthermore, there is one that we really have to activate. It’s the one that talks about Preferring fuel-efficient routes.

Google Maps in the Car

But there is also a more hidden option that is really important. We choose the type of engine for our vehicle. This will help Google Maps show us the best route.

Google Maps in the Car

That said, we can choose between Petrol, Diesel, Electric or Hybrid. When you have chosen the option, simply click Done.

Do you have an electric vehicle? Check the settings!

It is also on the settings screen that we have something called Electric Vehicle Settings. Anyone who has one should really check this section. Once we click on it we will get a screen that says your chips. At this point we just have to click Add form. Then we just indicate which one is present in our vehicle.

This is important because we can be alerted to the presence of charging stations near us according to the type of plug our car has.

You can access the web version from Google Maps or to the app for Android or to iOS.

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