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Author of Revolutionary Girl Utena is working on a new manga



Revolutionary Girl Utena vol 5 cover

This year 2024 is starting with the announcement of many manga projects, and after the new manga in Digimonand now Saito Chihothe author of Revolutionary Girl Utenawhich is being prepare to start publishing a new manga.

Monthly Flowers magazine revealed that in June 2024 Saito Chiho will start publishing a new manga. However, no further details were revealed about this new project.

Saito Chiho is mostly known for Revolutionary Girl Utenabut created many other manga such as Kanon, Waltz in a White Dress, Anastasia Club, First Girl and more recently Kaguya-den.

The manga Kaguya-den recently ended and its 14th and final volume will be released on March 8, 2024. As for its manga Torikae Baya there will be a new chapter on March 28, 2024.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena is a franchise that addresses several themes, but is mainly known for having a Yuri character. Utena was based on the French version of The Rose of Versaillesa classic from the 70s, addressing very serious themes, such as homosexuality, inferiority complex and extremely unhealthy jealousy, and even abusive relationships between brothers.

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