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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Review



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“Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” is the new game about the incredible world created by James Cameron. Will it be better than the previous one?

James Cameron one of the best filmmakers ever (and one of the most profitable). From his genius came films such as “Terminator” It is “Titanic” any of them with a reserved place in the world history of cinema.

But of all his filmography there is one film that started one of the best universes ever – “Avatar” (2009). One sublime science fiction film which showed, once again, Man’s thirst for conquest with the problematic issues of colonialism in great prominence. O Man arrives, he wants a very valuable raw material on the planet, and destroy whatever is necessary to obtain it, even the native inhabitants, the Na’vi.

The history of James Cameron conquered the whole world and it is still today the most profitable film ever, with almost 3 billion dollars at the box office. It should be noted that this feat it was only possible after re-release of the film in cinemas, in order to to anticipate the arrival of “Avatar: The Path of Water”. According to the project of James Cameron for the saga, There are still several films left to be carried out and which must be extend until 2030.

But before the third film arrives, there is a new chapter in the story of the sagathis time in the area of gaming. But it is not the first game in this universe. In the same year that the first film came out, a game also came out, “Avatar: The Game”, which follows the events leading up to the film. Released on Playstation 3Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP (PlayStation Portable), the game also featured the voices of the film’s protagonists – Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez It is Giovanni Ribisi.

Despite being an adaptation of one of the films more popular ever, and having been released at the same time, the reviews were not very favorable regarding the game, with most specialized sites awarding 5 out of 10 possible points. For example, the IGN severely criticizes the gameplay, “The gameplay needs more work. Lax controls, shoddy hand-to-hand combat, poor mission design and an unstable camera make the experience less enjoyable.”

Now, 14 years after launch from the first game, “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” arrivesalso from Ubisoft. Available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC, the new game brings the world back to Pandora gaming, with incredible graphics and a atmosphere that transports us directly for this universe.

In the published trailers it appears that we are facing a high level gameready to delight players, especially those who are fans of the saga. But does the game overcome the problems of the previous one?


Avatar Frontiers of Pandora PlayStation 5 Xbox One PC Windows criticizes review analysis

Starting with the most obvious, the graphics. The game was “lucky” to come out at a time when technology is much more advanced than in 2010, consoles are much more powerful, especially the PlayStation 5. Therefore, it has all the potential to be a tremendous game on the that belongs to the graphics.

And so it is. We experience the game on a PlayStation 5, and the graphics, whether in a running game or in cutscenes, are “delicious”. Impressive details considering the incredible and vast fauna that Pandora has. Nothing left behind. The vibrant colors that film inhabited us too are present and here the experience can be even better, depending on the television each person uses.

Then, the problem that haunted the first game does not appear in “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora”. Ubisoft learned from mistakes and, thanks to the great inspiration of “Far cry”, where they got much of the mechanics, including the first-person perspective will certainly remind some players. A stable camera and smooth movements of the character immediately make the much more interesting experience.

In fact, and to remember how tall the Na’vi are, whenever our character passes by a wall, he places his hand next to it, which gives us a different perspective on the rest of the environment and makes the experience even more immersive.

Allied to the gameplay, there are several game aspects that make the experience much more enriching for all types of players. In other words, for those who want to explorewill have a vast map to discover new animals and new plants. By activating the Na’vi sense, we can obtain various information about the ecosystem in which we are inserted, which, depending on our progress, is saved in the menu so that we can remember and/or revisit each of our discoveries later. Over the combatit doesn’t deviate much from what we’re used to in the “Far Cry” saga (and that’s a good thing).

Simple and effective is always a good plan and that’s what happened in “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora”. Ubisoft did not invent and create combat that requires some technique, but without exaggerating to the point of becoming absurd.


Finally, the story. The game follows the events of the first film but without reaching the aquatic world that we see in “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

Our character is a young Na’vi kidnapped by the Sky People (Man) to become a war machine. However, the plan of Mercer, the game’s villain, goes down the drain, after “a certain Jake Sully” turn against humans. In the midst of the confusion, and to save themselves, our character and other young Na’vi are placed in hibernation beds, staying there for 16 years.

When we wake up, the war continues and the Sky People do not give up on Pandora. Little by little we began to reconnect with our native roots, we find out what our clan is and we show what we are worth in conflict. A well-conceived story that does not interfere or harm the timeline of the films. Anyone who is a fan of the saga will only benefit from trying the game.

“Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” is a breath of fresh air after the disappointment that Ubisoft left with the last game about the incredible world created by James Cameron. Fun and immersive The game’s greatest strength is the graphics, which are worth a unique experience for those who have always wanted to enter Pandora.

Have you tried it yet?


“Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” is a breath of fresh air after the disappointment that Ubisoft left with the last game about the incredible world created by James Cameron. Fun and immersive The game’s greatest strength is the graphics, which are worth a unique experience for those who have always wanted to enter Pandora.


  • Highly immersive world;
  • Good combat mechanics;
  • Interesting missions;


  • Soundtrack;
  • More connections with the films;

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