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Barbie finally has a streaming debut date and it’s just a few days away



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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, with Margot Robbie, is one of the biggest films of 2023 and if you haven’t seen it yet, then we have good news – it’s about to hit Max!

Greta Gerwig has already brought us great films like “Ladybird” or “Little women“, but it was “Barbie” that allowed her to achieve the great commercial success she had long deserved. Starring Margot Robbie It is Ryan Goslingthe work is inspired by the world of most famous doll in the world to take us to a very fun story but also with a very important social message.

Premiered in Portugal in the month of Barbenheimeran event that marked 2023, born by the fact that the film Gerwig arrive in theaters at the same time as another giant, Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan, Barbie became box office champion – even winning the duel. However, not all Portuguese people had the opportunity to see the constructions and others are dying to see it again. For all of them, we bring good news!

In an international statement, the Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed that “Barbie” will arrive at Max (as the HBO Max in the United States of America), on December 15th (Friday). Furthermore, the company also revealed that the film will be accompanied by American sign language, through the help of Leila Hanaumi. In Portugal, the premiere date will probably remain the same, but there is still no additional information regarding the dubbing in LGP.

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“Barbie” is one of the strong candidates to the 2024 Oscars and went down in history for giving Gerwig the title of the director with the greatest box office success (surpassing one billion dollars internationally). There are many criticisms of its possible nomination, but the truth is that this film is worth seeing and understanding.

At the Rotten Tomatoes, the title achieved some consensus, with 88% from critics and 83% from the audience. Here, the film will definitely be in our top 10 of 2023!


Did you have a chance to see “Barbie” in theaters? Do you want to see it again?

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