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Blue Exorcist Volume 25 by Devir in December



December 12th to will release volume 25 of the manga Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) by Katou Kazue.

Blue Exorcist #25

As her journey into the past draws to a close, the older version of Rin witnesses the tragic culmination of the Blue Night. He watches as Satan’s cloned body can no longer contain the enormous cosmic energy that is generated within it. The Knights of the True Cross face an unprecedented crisis, during which a wave of destruction devastates the entire world.

Despite being just a newborn, Rin is incredibly powerful and his demonic heart scourges the Knights of the True Cross with its fire. The blue flames continue to spread and no one will be spared their heat…

  • 276 pages | RRP: €9.99
  • ISBN: 978-989-559-594-5
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