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Boa Noite Punpun manga will be published in Portugal by Devir



Good Night Punpun cover Brazil

Surprising everyone on live OtakuPT with the publisher he was announced that the manga will be published in Portugal Good Evening Punpun (Oyasumi Punpun / Goodnight Punpun) written and illustrated by Home Asano. Above you can see the cover of Brazil JBC.

With 13 volumes, the manga was published from March 15, 2007 to November 2, 2013. In Portugal will be released in the format 2 in 1 and the price will be around 20 euros.

Synopsis of Good Night Punpun

Punpun is a normal boy who lives happily with his family. One day, Aiko Tanaka transfers to her school. It was love at first sight!! Returning home together, she tells him that in the future the Earth will become an uninhabitable planet. It is at this time that Punpun decides to be a space scientist. However, the moment he finds his purpose in life, reality begins to crumble.

Considered by many to be the masterpiece of the acclaimed Home AsanoBoa Noite Punpun is a slice of life that addresses delicate topics such as loneliness, troubled family relationships and depression.

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