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Bushiroad reveals how much authors earn per manga page on Comic Growl



Look Back is the 2021 manga by Kono Manga ga Sugoi!

How much money can a manga author expect to earn for a manuscript? A Comic Growl (formerly Comic Bushiroad Web) by Bushiroad Give us a little insight into your salary scale.

A Bushiroad will change the Comic Bushiroad Web for Comic Growlin an attempt to relaunch its online manga platform and the director representing Burshiroad Works, Kyōhei Shinpukuput out a post on Twitter about the name change and also surprisingly announced how much manga authors will get paid per page.

We can read:

“The Ancient Magus Bride” and “Ghost and Witch” will be serialized in Comic Growl, but what does “Growl” mean? To be honest, I think writers might have questions like ‘What kind of manuscript fees does this medium charge?’, so I’ll answer them below. First of all, the name is “Comic Growl”, which comes from the words “howling” and “roaring” based on the concept of “creating works that will make you ‘roar’ spontaneously”. Creating works that will ‘roar’ far and wide.’”

Come to think of it, Growl is also the name of a playing technique often heard in funk and jazz. It’s a playing method that produces a muddy, distorted sound, but I also think it’s great that it’s a place where such exciting sounds can be born.

Additionally, with the renewal of Comic Growl, we have revised the manuscript fee for serialization. Growl starts at 1p 10,000 yen regardless of whether you have serialization experience or not. In the future, more than 10 new series are being prepared, and they will all follow this rule. I hope to be able to release a preview of the specific content of the new series on December 21st. So that’s it for the report. I will do my best, so thank you everyone for your support!

The tweet ended up revealing how much artists can expect to earn from their series in the online magazine. Generally, how much magazines pay per page is something that is not made public and many ended up being surprised by the opening of the magazine’s director Burshiroad.

For example, on November 14th, the Yahoo! Japan News released an article detailing the payment rates of Weekly Shonen Jump at 18,700 yen ($127.44) per page for black and white pages and 28,050 yen ($191.15) per page for color pages for first-time authors. The entertainment school Amusement Media Academy previously published an article in October 2021 stating that manga authors can expect to earn anywhere between 4,000 yen ($27.26) to 35,000 yen ($238.52) per page, depending on popularity.

A Comic Growl, however, announced that it will pay all new authors for their publication a flat fee of 10,000 yen ($68.15) per page, regardless of experience. Unfortunately, this Tweet did not mention whether this 10,000 yen fee is for black and white pages or color pages or whether the fee will increase later for popular titles. Either way, this is good news for emerging authors in the Comic Growlbut also a potential loss for established and popular authors such as Kore Yamazaki and your job The Ancient Magus Bride. A Bushiroad is ceasing publication of its magazine Monthly Bushiroad and transferring several manga to Comic Growl.

With the Comic Growl By making its pay rate public, other publishers may follow suit and do the same. Knowing what to expect from pay per page is extremely important for manga authors, especially for new talent who can be courted by countless publishers.

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