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Chainsaw Man director leaves cryptic message



The anime series adaptation of the manga Chainsaw Man in Tatsuki Fujimoto gained a lot of fans and was really elected the best anime of 2022, however, a second season was never officially confirmed. In June 2023 a leak revealed that an anime film and second season of Chainsaw Man. In a rare message, the anime director revealed that they are working on something, it’s just not clear whether it will be Chainsaw Man or another project.

On Twitter, the director Ryū Nakayama (Black Clover, episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen) who directed the first season of Chainsaw Manwrote on November 26th:

Our mission this year is to create a better work environment, free from power harassment and bullying. Free from unnecessary stress and stable in terms of money and time, and although it is still on a small scale, we are slowly taking shape.

It’s only the first year, so we’ll be steadily building our base and should be able to launch it soon.

When asked directly by a fan about his future with Chainsaw Manhe simply replied: “Sorry, I can’t say anything”.

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