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Changes coming with the start of the 2024 League of Legends season announced



A Riot Games today released more news about the changes that are coming to League of Legends with the start of the 2024 Season.

Below you can find out what’s new for the 2024 Season LoL:

Void Changes

Voidgrubs & Voidmites

Voidgrubs are the new inhabitants of the Baron pit that will take the place of each game’s first Rift Herald before despawning at 14 minutes. Three Voidgrubs will spawn after 5 minutes, each with its own respawn time, and a maximum of six can spawn in each game. When attacked, each Voidgrub will release a swarm of Voidmites to attack its enemies. Players who eliminate Voidgrubs will gain the Hunger of the Void buff that grants additional damage over time against structures. This buff stacks based on the number of Voidgrubs destroyed. Eliminating five or six will cause the player to periodically summon one or two Voidmites, respectively, to help bring down structures.

Void Camps

After 20 minutes of gameplay, the next time Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback respawn, they will appear as Voidborn Sentinel and Voidborn Brambleback, respectively. The transformation makes them more resistant, but now grants the respective buffs to the entire team of the player who defeats them, except allies who are currently dead. Also after 20 minutes, Rift Scuttler will respawn as Voidborn Scuttler. When killed, Voidborn Scuttler will grant a massive Scryer’s Bloom effect, revealing all champions and wards in a large area around it. Just like in Scryer’s Bloom, all wards revealed this way will have 1 HP.

Baron Nashor

In addition to receiving a visual change, Baron Nashor will also have three new forms: Territorial Baron, Hunting Baron, and All-Seeing Baron. Each of these comes with its own terrain change affecting the Baron pit. Hunting Baron will not alter the pit, Territorial Baron creates a wall in front of the pit, and finally, All-Seeing Baron closes the front and opens the sides, creating a tunnel. Additionally, each variation of Baron brings different attacks: Hunting Baron hits all nearby enemies with lightning that falls from the sky, Territorial Baron uses his hands to pull Champions towards him, and All-Seeing Baron opens a Void Rift that deals damage over time. of time inside the new pit tunnel.

Rift Herald

Rift Herald is back, but with a new Voidgrub-inspired look. At the start of Season 2024, when players destroy the Eye of the Herald, Rift Herald will spawn as before, but the player or an allied champion can right-click the Rift Herald to mount it. The player can then drive the Rift Herald and command it to charge, dealing damage and throwing all enemy champions in its path into the air. If players drive Rift Herald against a turret, it will do even more damage than if it were not being controlled. After colliding with terrain or a turret, the champion riding the Rift Herald will be knocked down, returning to normal.

Terrain Changes

  • The top lane will have two major changes: now the terrain on both sides will be more accurately mirrored, and there will be a new combination of a small wall and bushes in the middle of the river entrance.
  • The biggest terrain change in the jungle will be the addition of wide walls in front of the Baron and Drake pits.
  • In the mid lane, the bush will be a little deeper, making the route safer for champions with little mobility.
  • As well as the change coming to the top lane, a small wall and a bush will be added. Additionally, the triple bush of the blue area has been mirrored to the red side. The objective of these changes is to make the path more symmetrical, eliminating advantages on one side or the other.

Other changes:

  • Changes to Items: Mythic Items will be removed from the game with the goal of focusing power on Champions rather than items, giving players more flexibility with their build paths. With this change, several items will be added, removed and adjusted. Additionally, an update will be made to the item tooltips, with clearer and easier to understand descriptions, keeping detailed information available when necessary.
  • Changes to Drake: Once Infernal Drake’s Infernal Rift is activated, Infernal Cinders will spawn across the map. Each cinder will give the champion that picks it up adaptive stats and a burst of movement speed. When killed, champions will drop half of their cinders, which can be picked up by allied or enemy champions. Additionally, considering terrain changes, some small walls and bushes from Mountain Drake and Ocean Drake will be repositioned.
  • DynamicMusic: In addition to the visual changes to the Baron pit, new music will be added when a confrontation with Baron is initiated or when other Void objectives are initiated.
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