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Christopher Nolan (Oppenheimer)’s 6 favorite action films



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Known for films such as “Inception”, “Oppenheimer” and “Dunkirk”, Christopher Nolan reveals his favorite action films.

The origin”, “Batman: The Beginning”, “Dunkirk”, “Memento”, “Interstellar”, “Tenet”, “Oppenheimer”, “The dark Knight”, “Insomnia”, among many others, Christopher Nolan has an impressive filmography.

Yet the director still didn’t win a single one Oscardespite five nominations – Best Director (“Dunkirk”), Best Film (“Inception” and “Dunkirk”) and Best Original Screenplay (“Inception” and “Memento”).

Christopher Nolan is known for great realism that he applies in his filmstherefore, its position in relation to the streaming platforms. The way we see cinemas today is changing, as is the industry itself.

Yours battle can be seen in favor of the future of cinema, against streaming platforms – “a sign of great danger”. On the industry issue, Christopher Nolan told Variety, “you can no longer get the same amount of money as you used to. The shift to streaming completely changed the industry and created problems for everyone.”

This is also due to what happened during the pandemic, when HBO Max made several films available on its platform and one was by the British director, taking into account that his films were produced by Warner Bros., owner of the platform. Despite the “conflict”, the director also He likes other types of action and revealed his favorite films of this genre.


A list of action movies without the legendary James Bond it would not be a complete list. Christopher Nolan chose “007 – The Irresistible Agent”, starring Roger Moorewithin the more than 20 films in the saga (but there is one more film on this list).

In this film, James Bond teams up with a Russian spy to stop a tycoon’s destructive ideas. With an 82% rating on Rotten TomatoesJake Tropila, from film Inquiry, writes, “’The Spy Who Loved Me’ reestablished greatness in the James Bond saga. It is the biggest and boldest film produced to date, offering thrills and fun in equal measure.”


This film is also among your favorite 21st century films. The last work of Tony Scott It is not suitable for the faint of heart, capable of reaching dizzying speeds thanks to the inspiration of a peculiar true story, which follows the locomotive CSX 8888, which was adrift in 2001 and was transporting more than 40 carriages and dangerous chemicals.

To compose Denzel Washington, Chris Pine It is Rosario Dawson in the cast, this film had an 87% rating on Rotten TomatoesCandice Frederick, from ReelTalk Onlinehe writes, “filled with stunts that even Tom Cruise would grimace at‘Unstoppable’ is an adrenaline-pumping action film that leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end.”

SPEED (1994)

A classic from Keanu Reeves“Speed” tells the story of Howard Payne (Dennis Hooper), a psychopath who is spreading terror throughout Los Angeles with various explosives. Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) is the agent who is close to capturing him. However, Payne plants a bomb on a bus. Jack needs to evacuate the passengers without reducing the vehicle’s speed to less than 80 kilometers per hour, otherwise it will explode.

In the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes Jan de Bont’s film achieved an impressive 95% rating. Ty Burr, from EntertainmentWeekly, writes, “’Speed’ is simultaneously a reminder of the pleasures of a good, simple story and graceful proof that Hollywood’s latest generation of talent can play the box office game if and when they want.” The film grossed more than $350 million at the box office.


In our opinion, “Baby Driver – Alta Velocidade relies on an exciting and well-executed concept to offer us a piece of pure entertainment, with a humor and style that only Edgar Wright knows”. And apparently Christopher Nolan also agrees.

The cast includes Com lily james, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal and Eiza González. “Baby Driver” got 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

HEAT (1995)

From the director of “Ferrari”, which premieres tomorrow (January 4th), “Heat” is a film mandatory within the genre. With Al Pacino, Robert De Niro It is Val Kilmer In the lead, this film follows a peculiar relationship between a detective and a thief.

Jonathan Romney of The Guardianhe writes, “just as Kubrick, Mann takes a premise of the genre that seems like nothing special and expands it into its own cosmos. ‘Heat’ may simply be the most spectacular B-movie ever made, but that’s impressive enough.”


Last but not least, here is the oldest film on this list. The sixth film in the saga James Bond shows us how the secret agent’s cases end up getting him into trouble. George Lazenby played the iconic role and despite having a contract for seven more films in the saga, decided to abandon the role.

The presence of two films by the legendary secret agent on Christopher Nolan’s list comes as no surprise, given that the British director has interest in carrying out one (or more) films from saga.

How many films on this list have you seen?

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