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Comedy series that won a record at the Emmys is on HBO Max



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This hilarious Emmy record-breaking series is available on HBO Max and is worth watching.

HBO Max is really one of the biggest streaming platforms in Portugal, having a huge catalog of series and movies of high quality.

In addition to its original series such as “Succession” or “The Last of Us”it is still possible to find award-winning and prestigious content from other channels and streamers.

This is the case of a comedy series that made history us Emmys in 2020 and can now be seen on the HBO Max platform.

We talk about “Schitt’s Creek”one series Canadian comedy created by Daniel It is Eugene Levy which started out as a Pearl underrated and ended up being catapulted to fame and winning 9 Emmys, including all the Comedy categories of main ceremonyl, the first comedy to do so.

In this fun series now available on HBO Max, we are introduced to the Rose family. Once rich and powerful, they are now bankrupt after a fraud by a partner and they only have one place left to live: Schitt’s Creek, a small village that Johnny (Eugene Levy) had offered to his son as a joke. Far from the life of luxury they have always been used to, the Roses will now have to find their purpose in society and start behaving like a family.


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One of the elements that made “Schitt’s Creek” such a huge success was its main cast, Catherine O’Hara (“Home Alone”) is Moira Rose, the family matriarch with a dramatic and expansive attitude who dreams of having a career as an actress; Annie Muprhy (“Black Mirror”) is Alexis Rose, a rebellious and superficial “socialite”; Dan Levy (“Happiest Season”) is David Rose, dramatic like his mother and with great taste in fashion, and Eugene Levy (“American Pie”) is Johnny Rose, a businessman who needs to adapt to his new reality.

In addition to this triumphant quartet, the series also has an excellent secondary cast made up of Chris Elliott, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Sarah Levy, Noah Reid, Karen Robinson, Dustin Milliganbetween others.

At the Rotten Tomatoes, “Schitt’s Creek” achieved 93% approval from the public and critics, with the last, award-winning season of the series having 100%. A Time Magazine sums up “Schitt’s Creek became a huge success throughout its six hilarious seasons.”

For the Indiewire, one of the fundamental points of the series is “its ability to make its characters grow without fundamentally changing them”. O New York Post believes that “Both the performances and writing are sharp, and from the looks of it, there are still a few stories to tell and a few more to learn about each of the characters as the season progresses.”

Ideal for a marathon, the six seasons of “Schitt’s Creek” can and should be seen on HBO Max!


And you, will you take the opportunity to watch or (re)watch “Schitt’s Creek” on HBO Max?

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