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Controversy leads Solo Leveling to remove animation studio from credits



At South Korea controversy ensued around the anime series adaptation of Solo Leveling with the studio responsible for its opening sequence being removed from the credits.

The studio in question is the Studio PPURI, and its removal only happened in the Korean version of the anime. According to the Ship This decision was probably also motivated by the fall in the publisher’s shares. Solo LevelingThe D&C Media. O Studio PPURI has gained a negative reputation in certain parts of Korea due to “anti-male” gestures included in his works and his connections with the feminist group Megalia.

O Megalia has attracted attention in South Korea in part due to its strategy of exposing misogynistic behavior by doing so in reverse in online communities. The movement’s symbol, “🤏,” particularly attracted strong backlash due to its implications surrounding Korean penis size.

The gesture is especially prevalent among feminists in South Korea as it is the icon of Megalianalso known as an extreme hate group that targets men.

O Studio PPURI was accused of inserting this gesture into several works, including MapleStory, Dungeon & Fighter, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile It is Blue Archive.

The first anniversary trailer for the global version of Blue Archive made by Studio PPURI also showed the feminist gesture, and the video ended up being removed from video platforms after being discovered.

O Studio PPURI deleted all of her videos after searching her catalog and apologized for the “feminist gestures”, saying that the main animator who uploaded them will not work for the studio again.

O News Tomato states that the decision to remove the Studio PPURI of credits was likely motivated by concerns about the shares, revealing that the company’s share price D&C Media on January 15th it fell more than 6% compared to the previous period, as well as seeing a 10% drop during the day.

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