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Cozy Caravan will launch in Early Access for PC in 2024



You 5 Lives Studios announced that the game Cozy Caravan will be released in Early Access for PRAÇA (Steam) in 2024.

The early access version will include the world’s first region with its missions, characters and activities. More content will be added to this region throughout Early Access, as well as a second region later. It is planned to launch other regions besides these two after version 1.0.

Through the page Cozy Caravan at Steam we can read the following:

“Embark on a single-player journey, from top to bottom, across Cozy Caravanwhere the arts of creation, commerce and exploration come together in a wonderfully welcoming world.

Cruise through picturesque landscapes in your trusty caravan with your best friend Bubba and create a mobile market in each new town. Develop a variety of objects through delightful minigames, then set up your market and trade with the locals. Along the way, encounter a rich tapestry of characters with their own stories and missions as you deepen your sense of connection and community on this journey.

Main Features:

  • A helping hand – Give locals a helping hand while collecting resources and fueling your caravan.
  • Friendly meetings – Enjoy the charm of small towns with every friendly gesture along the way.
  • Life on the road – Explore open roads with your RV and your trusty companion, Bubba, as you venture from town to town. And keep an eye out, you never know where you might meet someone who needs a ride!
  • Take a break – Take a break to greet the townspeople and participate in fun activities! You never know what’s around the next corner!
  • Make it yours! – Create your own cute character and go on an adventure! Choose your look and hit the road!”

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