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Criminal threatens production of Grand Theft Auto VI



Grand Theft Auto is a series of games that owes a lot of fame to its own controversy and the long-awaited sixth episode has not even been released, which in addition to setting records in trailer viewing also achieved another unusual feat.

The game of Rockstar Games It will be inspired by today’s world, both through vehicles and events and individuals in our society. It is precisely about one of these that Grand Theft Auto SAW emerged into yet another controversy.


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♬ original sound – Lawrence Sullivan

Lawrence Sullivana criminal known as the “Miami Joker” was quite irritated by the Rockstar Games allegedly featuring a character in the trailer who looked a lot like himself and threatened the production company to pay one or two million dollars because they used his image without his authorization.

Sullivan commented the following in his video:

This is me! GTA, we need to talk. If not, they need to give me 1 or 2 million dollars. So, what’s up? I want to talk to GTA, Rockstar Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Rockstar Enterprises. The Florida Joker isn’t going to accept this. You used my image. You used my life.

The producers have not yet publicly commented on this matter, but several fans of the crime simulator have already defended the companies by saying that Lawrence himself is the one who owed millions to the company. DC Comics million for completely copying one of the modern versions of the clown crime.

Gran Theft Auto VI is in development PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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