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Dark Gathering manga will stop for 1 month



Dark Gathering vol 1

A Jump SQ. announced on his Twitter that the manga Dark Gathering in Kenichi Kondou will take a 1 month break. A new chapter will not be published in the December 4 edition of the magazine due to a schedule restructuring.

The manga will therefore return in the February 2024 issue of the magazine on January 4th. The magazine is currently working on a production system that will allow Kondō to write in good health.

Dark Gathering began to be published in Jump SQ in March 2019 and an anime series adaptation premiered in July 2023.

The animation is from the studio OLM (Summer Time Rendering, Kenpuu Denki Berserk, Utawarerumono), directed by Hiroshi Ikehata (FLCL Progressive, Kiratto Pri☆Chan, Space Battleship Tiramisu), the script is by Shigeru Murakoshi (Kakegurui, Dororo, Zombieland Saga) and the character design is by Shinya Segawa (Pastel Memories).

Dark Gathering Synopsis

Keitarou Gentouga is a college student who hates ghosts. Unfortunately for him, he has the gift of attracting spirits. Two years ago, that connection led to him receiving a spiritual wound on his right hand, leaving his friend in the crossfire. The event caused him to withdraw into himself, leaving him with very few social skills. Fortunately, Keitarou is slowly starting to blend into society, thanks to the help of his childhood friend, Eiko Houzuki.

As part of his rehabilitation, Keitarou takes a part-time job as a tutor, and his first student is none other than Eiko’s cousin, Yayoi Houzuki. In addition to being a child prodigy, there is another peculiarity about Yayoi: she has a spiritual constitution, just like Keitarou. However, unlike Keitarou, she longs to encounter spirits, hoping to find the ghost that took her mother. As Keitarou is dragged by Yayoi and Eiko to haunted locations, his part-time job seems to stray further and further from its original purpose.

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