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DHL is not the only one. UPS doesn’t go to people’s homes either!



A few days ago, we drew attention to an increasingly common situation with DHL service. More specifically, many DHL couriers are choosing to leave all packages at collection points (Service Points) instead of going to the recipient of each package inside the transport van.

However, the reality is that DHL is not alone in this situation. DHL does this consistently, but UPS also seems to choose to do the same when there are more deliveries and the courier on duty has no hands to spare.

This has a slightly more negative aspect compared to DHL!

After all, while most of the time DHL still notifies you by email or SMS, UPS does not leave any type of notice. This has happened more than once at our house, and it happened again today. More specifically, today I found out that an order failed because it was at the UPS collection point in Salvaterra de Magos for more than 5 days, and ended up being returned to the sender.

As the return cost was too high, customs opted for destruction. (Or someone else took the order).

DHL is not the only one. UPS doesn’t go to people’s homes either!

Therefore, being the Leak one of the largest Tech portals in Portugal, it is normal to receive a lot of things at home. A level of orders that is sometimes almost unbelievable, and therefore difficult to control.

This is exactly why big brands choose to ship from reputable transport services, such as UPS, DHL, GLS, DPD, fedex, Nacexetc… The idea is to ship the product as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that testing can begin as soon as possible.

  • Note: Furthermore, it is also important to minimize the work on the reviewer’s side, because there is no way to control everything that arrives or does not arrive at this humble house in Salvaterra de Magos.

However, it increasingly appears that these same delivery services have not been able to adapt to the new post-Pandemic reality. In other words, we have more and more people shopping online, which of course means that we have many more orders in circulation every day.

This is especially true this Christmas season.

Unfortunately, the number of couriers, vans, etc… seems to be insufficient. There are no resources for so many orders. Still, it is undeniable that there are services that are better than others.

As such, with a dose of incompetence in the mix, many orders arrive in the recipient’s city, town or village, but end up never reaching them! Why? The person has no idea that the order has arrived, because many of these couriers do not attempt to deliver the order to the person’s home, nor do they leave acknowledgment of receipt in the mailbox, via SMS or email.

In these cases, there are some companies that have never failed me. I highlight DPD, GLS, and interestingly also CTT Expresso, which in addition to always leaving a notice, are able to call me if no one is home.

The only way for services to improve is to have consumers calling attention, giving bad reviews, and making complaints in the old book.

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