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Digimon Liberator, is a new manga that will tell a new Digimon story



Digimon Liberator visual

The franchise Digimon prepares to receive a new story in the form of Digimon Liberator, a manga that will follow two teenagers as they explore the Digimon Universe. You can see a promotional image above.

For now we know that Digimon Liberator It will begin publishing in spring 2024 on a platform yet to be revealed. The manga plans to join a new set Digimon TCG with the same name.

This made the team Digimon TCG reveals some special information about the project, and it appears that Digimon Liberator will place a character called Kazama Shoto at the center of the story.

Kazama Shoto digimon Liberator

We can read in description in Digimon Liberator:

Kazama Shoto, a boy with a habit of giving up and difficulty winning card battles, enters the world of Liberator at the invitation of his childhood friend, Kinosaki Arisa. Encountering Pteromon and others, which are wild Digimon. Battles with NPCs who have gone crazy. These various encounters set the wheels of destiny in motion in a significant way. This is a story about Digimon and the world.

Following the line of Yu-Gi-Ohit seems that this new series Digimon will follow Kazama and his friends as they summon partners using cards. The manga seems to be more about tournaments than first-person adventures. Obviously, this type of narrative is not often seen in Digimon, as most of his manga projects are story-based. Now, Digimon Liberator promises to explore a new side of the franchise, and will be released soon.

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