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Disney+ is already celebrating Christmas with this classic at the top of the most viewed



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December has just started but Disney+ fans have already made it clear that it is Christmas time, placing one of the great classics at the top of the most watched!

Streets lit up in the colors of Christmas, balconies with their Santa Clauses hanging, fireplaces lit, and your tree up, it’s time to sit on the sofa and watch the great classics of the season. Films like “Frozen” or “Coconut” They are one must of the time, but the reality is that for many, there are few titles that can surpass a very special live-action film, released in 1990 and which marked an entire generation of Millennials and Gen Z.

Home Alone” and “Home Alone” are some of the names by which “Home Alone” is known around the world. Directed by Chris Columbus (filmmaker who would later make great films such as “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” or “Percy Jackson and the Thieves of Olympus”), the work follows Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), an eight-year-old boy who is forgotten at home when his family decides to travel. At first a dream come true, the experience quickly changes when a duo of thieves, thinking that the house is deserted, decide to rob it. Now it’s up to the young man to defend his castle.

The cast of “Home Alone” includes big names in cinema such as Joe Pesci, Daniel SternJohn Heard, Catherine O’HaraRoberts Blossom, Kieran Culkin, between others. The script came from John Hughes, responsible for titles such as “The Breakfast Club”, “The King of Gazeteiros”, or “Beethoven”, another great cinema classic that we all love.

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Despite not having won over the critics, who currently give it 65% in Rotten Tomatoesthe reality is that “Home Alone” is for the cinema like “All I Want for Christmas is You” in Mariah Carey is for music. It is impossible to spend a Christmas without seeing this masterpiece and laughing for the ninetieth time at its falls and mishaps.

Disney+ is a platform which arrived in Portugal in 2019 and where you can see several films and Disney series, Fox, National Geographic, Marvel, and much more. The catalog has thousands of titles, from more indie productions to mega hits, including the “Alone at Home” saga – the three films premiered in cinema and the three direct-to-television specials.

In addition to these films, Disney+ Portugal also has other Christmas titles available such as “What a Christmas Eve“, “Holy Clauses“, the Christmas special from “Guardians of the Galaxy“, among much more!


What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

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