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Do this so the dehumidifier uses less and lasts twice as long!



The amount of humidity we have in our homes has led to a huge demand for dehumidifiers. This makes perfect sense since these devices help remove excess humidity in the air to avoid respiratory problems most often caused by mold. However, there are many people who are not using it in the best way. So they are wasting energy but without the results they wanted. Furthermore, it ends up breaking down. So do this so the dehumidifier uses less and lasts much longer!

Do this so the dehumidifier uses less and lasts twice as long!

Dehumidifiers help maintain the overall humidity in the home at an ideal level, thus helping to eliminate an environment where damp and mold can thrive. With the rising cost of living forcing people to use the heater less, people have turned to dehumidifiers to have a drier environment at home. So that everything goes smoothly, don’t make these mistakes.

Filter cleaning

The way a dehumidifier works makes cleaning the filter very important. In fact, dehumidifiers work by pulling air in, drying it in the process.


This makes cleaning very important. By continually pulling air, many things accumulate. Dust is one of them, but when you have pets the problem is even bigger. This is because a lot of hair accumulates and can end up almost completely blocking the air intake. That being said, it is important to check the filter regularly.

Be careful where you place it

When it comes to using the device, it is important to place it in the correct location within a room or specific area of ​​your home. Logically the best place to place it is close to the source of the moisture to ensure the problem is dealt with as quickly as possible. But be careful because this leads several people to make a mistake.


It is not recommended to place a dehumidifier in the bathroom, as they are not IP certified and can be very dangerous. So, if we want to remove humid air from the bathroom, this device must be placed on the door but outside.

Pay attention to the walls

To achieve the best results with the dehumidifier, you should not place it completely against the wall. In fact, we have to keep them at least 30 cm apart.

Furthermore, it should also be away from windows or air intakes. This is to achieve greater efficiency.

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