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Do you know what you need if you lose access to your Google account?



Sometimes and for a variety of reasons we can lose our Google account. In most cases this happens because someone lays hands on you and we simply lose everything. We can’t even access our photos, documents and emails. However, there is very important information that can help us recover our Google account for anyone who has lost it. So do you know what you need if you lose access to your Google account?

This information is important if you lose your Google account!

Check your email

When you create your Gmail account for the first time, Google sends you a welcome email. The exact content of that email has been changing but the basis is always the same.

Gmail is at risk, losing your Google account

To find the welcome email, check the Gmail See the oldest email there. However, over the years it is likely that you have deleted some things and that email was somewhere in the middle. In that case, this system will not work and you will have to move on to the next point.

See POP settings

To access this, click the gear icon in the top right corner, select See all settings, then click Routing and POP/IMAP.

Within the POP download section, look at the Status line.

At the outset, the date on which you activated the system will appear, which normally coincides with the time when you created Gmail.

Try Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a service you can use to export your data from Google to various formats. By recording all this information you can check the files and see the creation date of the oldest ones. This will give a good clue. Eventually you just need to download the emails from the Gmail. This is because even if you have deleted them, this information will still be there.

Firstly follow this link to access your Google account management.

Then on the left side click where it says data and personalization.

If we slide down a little we have an option that says transfer data. As mentioned above, it allows you to create a backup copy of your data so you can use it in another account or another service.

Gmail backup, Gmail backup, lose Google account

When we click on this option, we are taken to the Google Takeout page. There, below selecting data to include, we must click on Deselect all.

gmail backup, lose google account

In this list we have to look for the mail option and put a tick in front of it.

Meanwhile, we can choose which data to export, namely, all boxes or just some. Then, below, just click on the next step.

We then come to the option that allows you to choose the delivery method, file type and size.

At the delivery method level, we can receive a transfer link by email, add it to drive, dropbox or onedrive.

Gmail backup, lose Google account

Then just click on create export. However, just an aside. We can choose to Export once or export every two months for a year. This is good for us to do a regular backup.

However, Google will begin the backup creation process. Once it is completed.

Once you have recovered the creation date of your Google account, save it carefully because if you have to recover it, it will be very important.

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