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Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World will be released for PC on February 14, 2024



A ShiravuneThe DMM Games and the AQUAPLUS announced that they will release the game Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World for the PRAÇA (Steam and Johren) on February 14, 2024 for €19.99 and will have text language support in English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

Through the page Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World at John we can read the following:

Recruit a huge cast of friends from four different classes that branch out into over a dozen variations to create the ultimate team! Explore a long and tortuous dungeon that becomes even more dangerous when you delve into its corridors, with many optional missions and secret areas to unlock! The original Dungeon Travelers game takes place in a world separate from the previous ones, but features characters from the acclaimed PlayStation 2 classic, To Heart 2.

Prepare the Guild – Whenever you stop to rest explorationsyou can identify new equipment, re-equip and restructure your team, or even upgrade your characters’ classes.

Explore the Dungeon – The Auto-Map function will populate the grid with each step so you know where you are and where you’ve been. However, be careful! Don’t try to go too far…

Battle and Collect Monsters – The deeper you delve into the dungeon, the more dangerous the monsters become. You’ll need tactics to combat each new threat – and what better way to get to know your enemies than to weaken them to seal in your book and study later?

Develop strategies to win – In each battle you will accumulate more gold, EXP, and items. It all depends on whether you want to stock up on resources or go outside and come back later with what you’ve collected!


When I woke up, I found fantasy elements everywhere… What kind of adventure could I find? Will there be any way to go home when everything is done and finished?!

It all started after class in the student council room. Takaaki and all his friends got together to test an indisputably suspicious, we would even say dangerous game, a “full-body immersive RPG experience”, in the words of its inimitable creator Ma-ryan. This test was questionably voluntary.

When the game started to play, a bright flash of lightning filled the room… When Takaaki opened his eyes, he was in a place he didn’t know. Her friends Konomi and Tamaki were decked out in costume gear, and when she looked closer, she realized that she was too.

Were they at the game? Forget it – how are they going to get out!? Only one clue can be obtained and it says that “Deep in a dungeon located nearby, lives the god who created this world…” But who could it be?

In search of more clues and, hopefully, some answers, the party headed to the dungeon…

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