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E3 has officially come to an end



E3 2021 will be a virtual event that will take place from June 12th to 15th

In March the Entertainment Software Association and the ReedPop announced that E3 2023 had been officially canceled and now at the end of the year it was confirmed that the E3 has officially come to an end.

At the statement we can read:

After more than two decades of E3, each one greater than the last, the time has come to say goodbye.

Thank you for the memories.

The president of the Entertainment Software Association, Stanley Pierre-Louisin a statement to the The Washington Post stated:

We know that the entire industry, players and creators, is very passionate about E3. We share this passion. We know it’s difficult to say goodbye to such a beloved event, but it’s the right thing to do given the new opportunities our industry has to reach fans and partners.

After Sony Interactive Entertainment decide to stop participating in the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in 2018, many companies followed in their footsteps and the event slowly lost partners. Later the COVID-19 came to prevent the event from taking place, which was never recovered.

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