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Echo surprises with violent Trailer and early debut on Disney+



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Disney Plus has just revealed very important news about the premiere of “Echo”, Marvel’s new live-action series.

Since 2021, the Marvel Studios has been investing in the growth and evolution of its universe through the production of several series for the Disney streaming platform. This investment began with the production and premiere of “WandaVision“, a series named after several Emmyswhich told the story of Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s love and grief, followed by “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier“, “Loki“, “What If…?” It is “Hawkeye“, among others.

Hawkeye” was the studio’s Christmas bet for its first year of content on Disney Plus. The series followed Clint Barton in the six days leading up to Christmas, on a journey to defeat the Tracksuit Mafia in time to return home to celebrate the festive season with his family. The project introduced Wilson Fisk/Kingpin to the canon of the Marvel universe, after its success in series distributed by Netflixand introducing several new characters such as Maya Lopez.

Maya Lopez, better known as Echo, is a young deaf woman, of Native American origin, who is Fisk’s goddaughter and assumes the role of leader of the Tracksuit Mafia after the death of her father, who was murdered during the blip.


Echo Marvel
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The last few months have seen a strong return of Marvel to Disney Plus, with the premiere of the acclaimed second season of “Loki“, “I am groot” and “What if…?”. This second season of “What If…?” premieres on December 22nd and will feature the release of 1 new episode every day, for nine days.

After that comes the turn of “Echo”, the series will continue the events of “Hawkeye”, which saw Maya Lopez confront Wilson Fisk and “execute” the villain on the streets of New York on Christmas Eve. O project will see the return of Alaqua Cox in the role of the titular character, but also as Vincent D’Onofrio (“Dumb Money“), Charlie Cox (“The theory of everything“), Chase Spencer (“Blindspot“), Tanoo Cardinal (“Stumptown“), Devery Jacobs (“Reservation Dogs“), Cody Lightning (“Run Woman Run“), Graham Greene (“Longmire“) It is Zahn McClarnon (“Dark Winds“)

“Echo” was originally scheduled to premiere at 8 am on January 10th, but Marvel has just announced the anticipation of the premiere to 2 am on the same day, allowing MCU fans to start their binge of the series a little earlier.


What do you think of the series? Will you be following the 5 new episodes?

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