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Ethereum VS Solana | Apps and video games, which one will you value more?



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Ethereum VS Solana: One more focused on companies, the other on video games and NFTs, which of these cryptocurrencies could emerge as the winner in 2024?

Solana was a cryptocurrency (Solana is the name of the network, and the cryptocurrency is called SOL) that, due to several events, saw a huge devaluation in early 2021. At a time when the entire market was contracting, the Goal (Facebook) announced that it would not continue with the development of NFTs at the Facebook It is Instagram.

To this was added the list published by SEC in which it indicated that Solana was a Security. Shortly afterwards, SOL was removed from some exchanges and investors believed the worst thanks to the lawsuit against FTX. However, since April 2023 until now, Solana has appreciated 10 times and in the next BullRun it could continue to rise. but can it gain ground against the huge Ethereum?

Ethereum is clearly seen as the largest and most influential smart contract network. Unlike Solana, it is slower and more expensive, not ideal for NFTs and video games like Solana is, but its security is undeniable and it is by far the most used network by large companies that want to decentralize their data and create dApps. But which one could appreciate more in percentage terms in the coming years? What are the risks and advantages of each?

At a time when Ethereum is preparing for new updates to improve speed and lower costs, investors’ eyes are on these two networks, mainly because Ehereum remains deflationary annually and could have an ETF approved by the SEC in the coming months, something which in the long term could be a great boost in its appreciation and adoption. On the other hand, Solana, which since its inception tried to be a decentralized version of the fast NASDAQ, is beginning to increasingly explore NFTs and video games, and could be the major video game network in Web3 in the future. Quickly and cheaply, could we have developers like EA Sports, Square-Enix or Blizzard adopting Solana for their next few years as the basis for the WEB3 games they have already announced?

In today’s video, we try to understand the future of each of these cryptocurrencies and their networks, from risks, performance, legal problems, tokenomics, etc… What will be the big winner of the next bullrun? This is the sixth video from the new space here at MagazineHD with this “Ethereum VS Solana | Apps and video games, which will value more?”

To learn more about these cryptocurrencies and their networks, watch our video and find out if it’s something that makes sense to keep an eye on.

VIDEO | Ethereum VS Solana

Author: Luis Pinto

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