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EVOTINCTION will receive a demo on February 5th



A Astrolabe Games and the Spikewave Games announced that they will release the first playable demo of the game EVOTINCTION for the PRAÇA (Steam) on February 5th as part of the next Steam Next Fest.

EVOTINCTION invites players to a near future where man shares his planet with robots. In this era, at a research facility called HERE, the AI ​​system that controls it has been infected by the destructive RED virus. Subsequently, the central computer began to indiscriminately attack humanity by transforming domestic robots into true war machines. Dr. Liu, one of those responsible for creating HERE, infiltrates this lost facility to rescue the survivors and repair the central computer. Faced with countless mechanical defenses and burning machines of revenge, will you be able to thrive where all others have failed?

EVOTINCTION will be released for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5 It is PRAÇA (Steam), unfortunately all systems lack release dates.

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