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Find out how to activate ‘blackout mode’ on WhatsApp



Despite being used daily by millions of people, WhatsApp still has some tricks that many users are unaware of.

O Whatsappthe most used instant messaging platform in the world, is constantly being updated. An example of this is that in recent days a messaging tool finally became available Artificial intelligence which rivals the ChatGPT and also one of the most desired features. Furthermore, next year will be marked by the arrival of a third blue visa.

However, not only news is made application from the Goal. This is because there are always tricks, more or less secret, that many users are unaware of. Thus, it is now possible read messages without opening… WhatsApp! Furthermore, with just a small change in the settings you will be able to satisfy your curiosity to know the content of that message that was deleted before you can read. Now it’s time to get to know another ‘trick’: the “mode blackout”.

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