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Find out how to activate ‘Christmas mode’



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Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve prepared a guide for you to make your WhatsApp icon look the part!

O Christmas is an annual celebration filled with warmth, togetherness and magic. It’s the moment when houses are filled with lights, entertainment and of course, gifts! For many, this is a time of sharing, generosity and family reunions. O spirit Christmas is, for many, so special thanks to the traditional preparation of meals.

Furthermore, the Christmas It also represents values ​​such as hope, love and renewal. It’s a time when people come together to create lasting memories, share laughter and strengthen emotional bonds. The iconic festive songs (hello Mariah Carey!) warms hearts, the decorations transform the streets and the feeling of gratitude spreads.

So, on this special day, the Whatsapp becomes the platform preferred to photograph and share everything and anything! The banquets, the gifts and the entertainment for everyone present. To get into the Christmas spirit, you can customize the Christmas icon app from the Goal and surprise those closest to you!


Have you already seen WhatsApp's new portrait mode?
Photo by teknokaynak on © Pixabay

Initially, you will have to download the application “Nova Launcher“, which is only available for devices Android. Once you’ve downloaded it, it’s time to configure the icon style and look for an image of a Santa Claus. This must be in PNG format and have a transparent background. Once these conditions are met, do download.

We now enter the decisive steps. At app, go to the WhatsApp icon, click on the “Edit” option, select “Applications” and then choose “Photos”. Select the image you downloaded previously. It’s done! Now instead of the traditional green icon you will have a Santa Claus (or any other image you want)!

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