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Florence Pugh (Oppenheimer) revealed the name of the actress she always considered to be her idol



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One of the biggest revelations of recent years, Florence Pugh, had an unlikely “star” as a teenager.

He made his film debut 10 years ago but it was with “Midsommar – The Ritual” that the world discovered the talented British actress Florence Pugh.

After this great horror film Ari Asterthe young actress has accumulated several important roles – “Little women” (2019), “Black Widow” (2021), “Hawkeye” (2021), “Do not worry dear” (2022), “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” (2022) and “Oppenheimer” (2023). Despite her short career, Florence Pugh already has an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress for the film Greta Gerwig.

Last year, the British actress returned to prominence, with an excellent performance in biopic performed by Christopher NolanOppenheimer”. Florence Pugh played Jean Tatlock, Robert Oppenheimer’s lover. As he prepares to return to theaters with “Dune: Part Two“, the young actress revealed the his idol as a teenager.


Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling Hollywood 2022 star star charlies angels drew barrymore
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In a conversation with It’s Gone ViralFlorence Pugh spoke about the films that make her feel good. One of these films is “Charlie’s Angels” (2000).

Starring Cameron Diaz, Bill Murray It is Lucy Liuis one of the most beloved films of the early 2000s despite its weak opinion from specialized critics. The film only managed a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, he left Florence Pugh surrendered – “I love Charlie’s Angels.”

But there is one actress in the cast who young british actress see how its great inspiration in adolescence, Drew Barrymore – “She was my star when I was younger. I mean, she’s still my star now.” Drew Barrymore She became known for films like “Batman Forever”, “Scream”, “Wedding Singer” It is “ET – The Extraterrestrial“.


Have you seen this film? Do you like this actress too? What is your “star”?

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