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Galaxy S24 is boring… Innovation is dead!?



It may seem a little unfair to “judge” a smartphone, or rather, a range of new smartphones that have not yet hit the market or even been officially announced. But, as is completely normal with launches from the South Korean giant Samsung, we already know everything… Or at least almost everything.

Which raises the question… Are we going to have yet another extremely expensive new range of high-end smartphones that end up being exactly the same as what we had the opportunity to see on the shelves in 2023, and in fact also in 2022?

Yes! Most likely yes! But is that really so negative?

Galaxy S24 is boring… Does Samsung no longer have juice to give?

S22, S23
Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Galaxy S23 Ultra – Is innovation dead?

I still remember, despite it being something that happened in the now distant year of 2018, the time when Samsung decided to launch its Galaxy S9 range. Why is this important? Well, the “new” Galaxy S9 were exactly the same as the “old” Galaxy S8, just with some magic “dust” on top…

I’m very honest, that really irritated me!

After all, how could Samsung, a gigantic manufacturer with virtually infinite resources for everything and anything, even consider “imitating” Apple’s strategy.

Especially when there were several Android manufacturers trying to innovate both in the technical aspect and also in the design component, with special appreciation for Huawei, which at the time was growing almost absurdly in the Android world.

But if this strategy seemed annoying in 2018, it seems to make perfect sense in 2024.

Is 2024 a boring year?

Well, in 2024, Samsung is now preparing to launch its new Galaxy S24, which are once again very similar to the Galaxy S23 of 2023, which in turn was already an almost complete copy of the Galaxy S22 of 2022.

However, this time I’m not too upset about it. Do you know why? It’s simple! Large manufacturers no longer have much to innovate!

Samsung decided in this “new generation” of smartphones to invest much more in the software experience, as well as the pure and hard performance of its smartphones, instead of worrying about being different just because.

A strategy that has proven winning for the Korean manufacturer, and in fact for the entire smartphone ecosystem where we even have to include Apple. Do you know why? Why… We are very close to what a perfect smartphone is.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is not much to do, nor much to change. These manufacturers only manage to improve a few details year after year. (At least for a while.)

Samsung has an excuse in 2024!

In addition to the success of the 2023 Galaxy S23, which of course gives the idea that “in a team that wins you shouldn’t mess around”, the reality is that Samsung would also gain nothing from revolutionizing the design of its range of most popular devices. important in the mobile world at this point in the championship.


Well, the mobile world is going to change almost absurdly in 2024 and 2025, which is largely due to the massive arrival of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, Samsung will invest heavily in software and efficiency in this generation, and when it understands what the right path is, it will revolutionize in 2025.

Want a less boring Samsung? Well, first watch the launch on January 17th, if you’re disappointed, there’s nothing better than waiting for 2025, when Samsung should be able to offer something really special and different.

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