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Galaxy S24 Ultra: Who will take the leap? These are the opinions!



As you may know, Samsung is about to announce and launch its new Galaxy S24, again with a lot of spotlight on the Ultra model, the most powerful in the new range, and of course, the smartphone that should serve as a flagship for the entire ecosystem. Android during the year 2024.

But, at a time when Samsung is preparing to reuse the 2023 design, which in turn was already a reuse of the 2022 design… At the same time that the big news seems to be very much based on software that may or may not reach the models older, it seems like an excellent idea to understand what consumers’ opinions are.

After all, are Samsung fans interested or not?

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Who will take the leap? These are the opinions!

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Therefore, there are still many doubts regarding what Samsung will actually be able to offer differently in 2024, when the design, and in fact even the hardware, is honestly so similar to the last two generations.

Yes, it’s true that Samsung has changed its strategy a little with the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, with the first being a little simpler and therefore cheaper, while the ‘Plus’ model is close to the Galaxy S24 Ultra in terms of performance and capabilities in the real world.

However, the reality is that big fans of the Android ecosystem, more specifically on the Samsung side of things, have their eyes on the Ultra model. What will change? What is the interest?

Well, it seems that although some “lovers” of the screen curvature still exist, there are indeed many fans of Samsung’s Ultra celebrating the disappearance of the “Edge”! This is the key to future investment, at least until there is confirmation of all the new software that Samsung seems to be preparing with the new era of Artificial Intelligence.

Nobody likes curved screens anymore?

This preference for flat screens didn’t exist in the Android world until 2 or 3 years ago. However, very curiously, Apple never adopted this design, as it was something that would always go against simplicity and fluidity of use.

More specifically, the community has now reached a consensus that the use of tempered glass films has always limited the choice of covers, and in fact, it is too “old” a design!

An aspect that, in addition to being outdated, ends up not bringing many advantages for day-to-day use. It is a piece of the screen that is not very sensitive to touch, without much use, but still capable of giving rise to ghost touches. Furthermore, it also ends up suffering some risks over prolonged use, due to the fact that glass is more fragile.

S24 Ultra or… S23 Ultra?

Interestingly, many fans of what Samsung has to offer seem to have a very open door for the S23 Ultra.

A door that should really be the one chosen! If the new S24 Ultra arrives too similar, and therefore too expensive for what it can offer in the medium-long term. Especially if all the rumors pointing to a major revolution in 2025 are true.

Want to read the rest of the opinions? Take a look at the Samsung International Reddit thread, here.

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