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Gears of War is reportedly being considered for PlayStation 5



Gears 5 website screenshot

The names keep coming up and after Starfield It is Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and now Gears of War that appears associated with a launch in the PlayStation 5. The rumor comes from Jeff Grubba well-known insider who is quite reliable, and whose sources indicate that it is being discussed in Microsoft the launch of the games Gears of War at PlayStation 5.

Gears of War is the property most intrinsically linked to the brand Xbox apart from, of course, Haloand its arrival at PlayStation may not be to the liking of all fans of the Xbox. Such a decision would indicate that Xbox is moving in a drastically different direction.

Jeff Grubb stated:

The other one I heard is definitely under consideration, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but it’s in negotiations, it’s Gears of War… It’s Halo and then Gears of War in terms of Xbox icons… The next Xbox console won’t just be a PS5, but with an Xbox logo, just like the Xbox Series X is in many ways. I think they will make some drastic changes.

Microsoft will talk about Xbox games on PlayStation next week

All these rumors will potentially be clarified with an event that will take place next week and where Phil Spencerthe CEO of Microsoft Gamingpromises to reveal what the company’s plans are Xbox for the future.

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