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Google Chrome receives the functionality that so many users asked for



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Google Chrome continues to innovate and is already working on a tool that promises to solve some of the most annoying situations…

O Google Chrome dominates the world of web browsers, with more than 65% of market share users. This is certainly due to its fast, secure and intuitive interface. The impressive speed guarantees a fluid experience. Furthermore, it has other tools that are equally useful and that make navigation safe.

We are talking about protection against phishing It is malware, in addition to automatic updates that protect your data against threats. Finally, also simplicity when it comes to synchronizing contacts, history, passwords and other data between different devices contributes to a good experience. Therefore, Chrome is the number one choice for many for these and other reasons!


Google Chrome
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A tool widely used in this and other browsers are the Notifications. However, although useful for keeping up to date with the news, they can become boring and abusive. It’s certainly happened to you that you’ve been left with a ‘sheet’ of notifications. The truth is that websites try to trick users into activating them, knowing that the deactivation process is complicated, especially for those who are not so comfortable using the website. Internet.

However, Chrome stops Android is developing a solution to this problem: unsubscribing from notifications with a simple tap. With this new functionalityusers will be able to unsubscribe from notifications from a website directly from the notification push. Notifications will now show an “unsubscribe” button, making it easier to control unwanted notifications.


Google Chrome
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To improve user control over Web Push notifications displayed on behalf of websites, we’ve reworked the UX flow that starts with the user tapping the button [Definições do site], which Chrome already places in every Web Push notification on your phone. Currently, however, this flow requires two additional taps and two context switches to complete.

We simplify this flow by replacing the button [Definições do site] by a button [Anular subscrição] which revokes permission from the site in question (i.e. the origin) with one tap and instead offers an action [Anular] in the confirmation notification presented later, in case the unsubscription was accidental“, explains Google, cited by 9To5Google.

To prevent accidental cancellations, Google is also preparing to implement an “undo” option that will temporarily appear in the notification shade. This tool works in a similar way to what happens with Gmail notifications when the user clicks on “archive”.

What do you think of this new Google Chrome feature?

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