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Google Maps receives functionality much requested by drivers



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Google Maps starts the year with the addition of another important feature that will help millions of users.

O Google Maps is tool vital and truly indispensable for many millions of people, especially when they are traveling, whether by car, on foot or by transport. One of the most appreciated features of application is the ability to give detailed information about virtually any location on the planet.

It allows, for example, to explore remote areas, discover local points of interest, find restaurants, hotels and reviews from other users. Became a partner indispensable! With frequent updates, it offers real-time information about traffic, accidents and road conditions.

After learning that Google Maps is preparing to say goodbye to one of the best toolsit’s time to discover the next big thing that’s coming to platform. Therefore, despite having supported visualization of 3D buildingsnow the application is testing showing them also when browsing the mobile application and also on the Android Auto.


Google Maps
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In recent days, the application for both Android and iOS started showing 3D buildings while browsing. However, for this to happen, the 3D view must be active before carrying out any search or defining a route.

Furthermore, it is important that the zoom is also greatly enlarged. As the 9to5googleat the redditseveral users got a glimpse of the new tool, highlighting that buildings become transparent when they are in the path.

Do you use Google Maps? What do you think of this news?

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