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Google Maps will have 3D buildings on Android Auto and CarPlay



Navigation apps are obviously incredible, as they make our day-to-day lives much easier, whether behind the wheel, or simply with the cell phone in hand while we’re lost in a completely new city.

However, this does not mean that there is no room to further improve the user experience! This is exactly why the team responsible for Google Maps now seems ready to invest in a 3D visualization feature for the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay versions of the app.

Google Maps will have 3D buildings on Android Auto and CarPlay

Therefore, Google Maps’ 3D view is increasingly detailed and informative, being able to offer users an overview of landmarks, which in turn makes navigation much simpler and easier.

Meanwhile, recent updates combine this progress with traveling directions. The idea is to provide a clearer picture of what a destination looks like, as well as its environmental conditions.

In short, although the smartphone application has been offering a close-up 3D view for some time, tests suggest that Google plans to extend this functionality to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay very soon.

However, this small update may indicate even more extensive changes in the future through “Immersive View”.

A feature capable of presenting locations more realistically, while providing essential travel information. In case you didn’t know, this functionality combines Street View images, satellite images and even additional data with neural radiation fields and AI. All this to create realistic 3D models of streets and building interiors.

Users can explore these simulated locations in real time to understand exactly what their destination looks like. This is both from an aerial perspective and at ground level. Which in turn will make it easier not to make a mistake while driving.

Stay tuned! The update may be days or weeks.

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