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Google Pixel 8 applies special mode when it has film



Screen savers can be a little annoying in some situations. However, they are a great way to keep your device safe. In this regard, Google Pixel smartphones have had a special mode for some time to increase touch sensitivity when using a screen protector. The most interesting thing is that in the Pixel 8 range, this setting can actually be applied automatically when it has film.

Google Pixel 8 Pro applies special mode when it has film

Us Pixel smartphones“Screen saver mode” is found in Settings > Display and is described very briefly by saying:

Increases touch sensitivity and improves touch when using a screen protector.

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While the results are often negligible, the biggest hurdle with the feature is remembering to turn it on. But with the Pixel 8 range, Screen Saver Mode can actually turn on automatically. This is when a screen protector is detected as being installed.

Recently, some users have noticed a notification appearing on Pixel 8 devices when a screen protector is installed or removed. This shows that everything works automatically. This function was first detected in October, but did not appear widely until very recently. Some people on Reddit reveal that they saw this recently. However, on our test device we did not see any notifications.

The functionality is definitely there. However, it doesn’t seem to activate consistently. Presumably it was only activated now. Maybe because of a recent security patch. Anyway, it’s a very interesting feature and it also seems quite useful.

As the website reveals Android Police, Google describes this function as a “screensaver detector”, which is simply wonderful. However, it is exclusive to the Pixel 8 range for now. In other words, those who have older equipment still cannot take advantage of it.

Either way, it’s an excellent idea and something that should quickly reach other smartphones. It is true that many films have no impact on the use of the equipment. However, there are others that, due to their characteristics, may have. That said, it makes perfect sense to have an option that adjusts the smartphone so that everything runs smoothly.

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