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Harmonium The Musical, a sign language musical adventure/storytelling game announced



In these The Game Awards 2023 The Netflix and the The Odd Gentlemen announced that they are working on Harmonium The Musical, a musical and adventure/narrative game in sign language, which will be released for PC. You can see the announcement trailer above.

In the description of Harmonium The Musical we can read:

Harmonium is an interactive sign language musical adventure/storytelling game that follows Melody Macato, an energetic 10-year-old Filipino-American who became deaf at a young age. For her upcoming debut show, she wants to create a new kind of music that can be felt, seen and accessible to her friends.

When Melody’s notes leap off the page, she is pulled into a musical and visual wonderland called Harmonium. To get home in time for her big show, Melody must face Cacophony, an all-consuming force that can only be defeated with a symphonic masterpiece.

In a world where all music is visualized, players explore the wonders of Harmonium through innovative gameplay mechanics and narrative puzzles that incorporate American Sign Language and allow the player to communicate through body language, hand shapes and gestures.

This moving story features universal themes for players of any age and background to enjoy. Players are taken on a fantastic journey where Melody discovers her own painted symphony, a song that lives inside her heart and through her hands.

Harmonium is a collaboration between writers, designers, artists and animators from the deaf community who team up with an award-winning narrative game studio, The Odd Gentlemen, to create an accessible game for a broad audience of all ages. Over many years of development, the story, gameplay, and art have grown and been revised to authentically represent Melody’s story.

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