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Hideo Kojima talks about the decision to create Physint and his lowest moment



Hideo Kojimathe famous creator of Metal Gear It is Death Strandingis back with his HideoTube and it was there that he talked about the recently announced spy game Physint that he will create for the PlayStation after completion of Death Stranding 2: On the Beach.

Kojima stated:

I got sick in 2020. It was also during the pandemic, so I was sick and isolated through it all. I even had surgery. And I thought, ‘I can’t do it anymore.’ I was at my lowest level and felt like I couldn’t go back to making games. I wrote a will too. And at that moment I realized that people die. But I turned 60 last year. I will be 70 in ten years. I hope I never retire. That being said, if players want it so much, I thought I should change my priorities a bit. I still want to do new things, but I decided to make an action and spy game.

I get a lot of requests from Hollywood to do films, but I turned them down. Since I now have my own company, I can’t go out for a year or two to make a film. The company would collapse. I was in a difficult situation. And I talked to Guillermo del Toro about it. And he said: ‘Hideo, what you’re doing is already a film. Continue as you are.’ His words saved me. And as we will work with many creators in the industry, although the result will be a game, it won’t be very different from the films.

Don’t forget that the Kojima Productions is working as A24 (Everything Everywhere All At Once) in the live-action film adaptation of the game Death Stranding.

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