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Huawei will launch a Vision Pro at half price!



The Apple Vision Pro, despite being an extremely expensive product, and which still has a lot to evolve in the software field, is obviously being an incredible success for Apple. The AR/VR helmet is flying off the shelves, and the enthusiasm is more than a lot.

However, the reality is that now that we already have a finished product on the market, Apple’s many rivals can take some notes, and of course, develop something very similar, possibly even superior in some areas, and perhaps more importantly than all this, launch something similar but much cheaper.

This is Huawei’s objective, which needs something interesting to do in the European market in order to make it its own again. The Chinese giant seems to have the capacity to do something more than half the price!

Huawei will launch a Vision Pro at half price!

Therefore, several rumors point to Huawei ready to invest heavily and heavily in the development and launch of an AR/VR helmet very similar to the recently launched Apple Vision Pro, with the same (more or less) processing capacity, the same visual quality, however, all at half the price and half the weight.

In fact, it seems that the product has not started to be developed now!

It’s a product that already has a few months or even years of development under its belt, and that only reached a new stage of evolution after the launch of Vision Pro by Apple.

  • Note: As you can imagine, we currently have several engineering teams taking apart the Apple Vision Pro to understand how it all works!

However, despite all this being good news, it is very likely that Huawei will not be able to achieve a truly similar or higher level of performance. After all, it is somewhat limited in the development and production of chips. Furthermore, it is not expected that this helmet will have a functionality similar to EyeSight (which simulates the user’s eyes through the external screen).

But… At half the price, is it really that important if some things are missing? Well, it’s still too early to comment on the matter. Still, this is just the beginning!

Obviously, after Vision Pro, we will see many other companies trying to add a spoon to the soup that Apple has been cooking all this time. Now it remains to be seen what needs to be put in or taken out.

The question is, do you want a Vision Pro for almost €4000, or would you prefer to buy a rival product for €2000?

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