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In Japan, 11 scalpers were arrested for buying 2 thousand consoles to resell



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On January 19th the Provincial Police Cyber ​​Investigation Division Hyogo at the Japan arrested 11 people who bought more than 2 thousand consoles to resell them.

Worth 85 million yen, the 11 people aged between 17 and 40 were arrested. Although the sites limit the number of consoles that can be purchased to prevent popular consoles from being purchased by scalpers, the group allegedly created fake accounts as well as a fake source of purchase funds.

The suspects are accused of “conspiring to register multiple accounts with false information”, including the use of fictitious names, on an electronics retailer’s online shopping website. The group sold 18 popular game consoles worth approximately 684,000 yen.

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The consoles were being delivered to a room in a building in Nagoya.

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