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iPhone 16 will feature a strange design… Can you believe this!?



The iPhone’s rear cameras are already… Well… A milestone! They are part of the company’s smartphone design philosophy, but perhaps more importantly, they serve to identify the generation of each Apple device that you can find on the street or on the shelves of the most varied stores.

However, truth be told, there is not much to invent when changing sensors to make it feel like a “new” thing. Therefore, Apple is thinking about changing its strategy a little, by adopting a design line from the past, but which nowadays even feels a little more Android than coming from the head of the North American Apple giant.

iPhone 16 will feature a strange design… Can you believe this!?

iPhone 16

So, while the entire iPhone 15 range has been extremely well received in the technology world, Apple is already thinking about what it will do next.

This means that after many years of changing the position of the 2 or 3 rear cameras of every iPhone launched so far, the brand no longer has variations available to highlight that the new iPhone is really different from all the others.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the module will change to something that we have seen in the past in Apple’s iPhone ranges. In other words, one of the designs appears to mix the current module with the old iPhone X or Xs camera modules. In my opinion, the end result looks very Android, and therefore quite strange.

However, it is clear that these rumors are based on just one of the prototypes being developed in Apple’s laboratories. But so far, this seems to be the team’s favorite design! As such, it should be chosen for a large launch next September 2024. He likes?

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