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It recently debuted and is already dominating Netflix! What series is this?



Although the “longest month of the year” (January) is already close to the end, the truth is that we have received a lot of fantastic projects on Netflix, which have managed to attract a lot of users to the platform. Even becoming some of the most watched series and films of the week around the world.

Therefore, this time we are talking about none other than Kubra. A Turkish series that has been immensely successful around the world. Not only because of its strong and interesting story, but also because of the cast who did a fantastic job.

It recently debuted and is already dominating Netflix! What series is this?

Therefore, the story of the series essentially centers on a man who, in an almost supernatural way, can predict the future. Becoming very well known around Istanbul. However, the problem with gaining a lot of followers is that it also ends up gaining a lot of enemies. Which puts his life in constant danger. In other words, will this man be able to survive the attempts on his life? Or does he predict how and when he will die?

When it comes to the cast, we have to say that the names are not well known to Europeans but we have already heard about them through other Turkish projects that also debuted on Netflix. As is the case of Çagatay Ulusoy, Aslihan Malbora, Ahsen Eroglu, Nazan Kesal or even Cihan Talay. In other words, it really is a project that you absolutely cannot miss.

recently debuted

In short, at this very moment this series, which recently premiered, is in fourth place among the most watched series of the week on Netflix, and the reviews are very positive. Furthermore, there are 8 episodes available that will help you spend your time in the best way. And taking into account that each episode is always almost 50 minutes long, the useful and the pleasant are combined here.

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