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Jujutsu Kaisen creator recommends the manga MamaYuyu



MamaYuyu vol 1 cover

The first volume of the manga MamaYuyu in Hayashi Yoshihiko has just been published in Japan and was accompanied by a note of Gege Akutamithe author of Jujutsu Kaisenrecommending the work.

According to Akutami, MamaYuyu “it’s what he considers good taste” when it comes to manga. He further said that Hayashi Yoshihiko is doing something with Shonen Jump that we’ve never seen before.

Hayashi-sensei is a turning point for Jump“, he wrote Akutami. To prove this, the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen drew a special illustration for this first volume of MamaYuyu. As you can see above, he did a sketch of Minerva, where he was shown to be a big fan.

MamaYuyu Synopsis

An era of peace between the hero and the demon lord is coming! In this peaceful world, the hero Corleo is nothing more than an empty fact. But one day, a hero and a demon lord from another world appear before him! How will Corleo deal with the chaos that these invaders bring to his world?! A new kind of fantasy epic begins now!

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