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Kickstarter campaign for the game Arisen Force: Vonimir for Consoles and PC is now available



A Youyuan announced a campaign Kickstarter to the game Arisen Force: Vonimiran action and fantasy RPG that will be released for PRAÇA (Steam) in the fourth quarter of 2024, later the versions for Playstation 4, Xbox one, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series It is Nintendo Switch will be released in 2025. A demo is currently available on Steam.

Through the page Arisen Force: Vonimir at Steam we can read the following:

Arisen Force: Vonimir is an action RPG with exquisite high-definition pixels. It combines an immersive RPG adventure story with a stylish action-based combat experience. We have created a magnificent middle-age world for the player to explore and go on adventures, recruit teammates, collect and develop businesses, challenge enemies, reveal the world’s secrets, guide the future and forge your own legend.

Main Features:

  • A magnificent fantasy world for players to explore and develop, as well as other exciting experiences.
  • Exquisite high-definition pixel style filled with ingenuity and hand-painted. Enjoy a picturesque art style.
  • From remote villages to magnificent castles, from desolate deserts to silvery ice sheets, be dazzled by vast and distinct landscapes.
  • In a chaotic world, interact with all forces and create the chronicle of your own epic chapter.
  • Smooth action strategic combat with rich skill modules. Instantly switch between teammates at any time, challenge World Bosses – the final path will always be left to the Warriors.
  • More than eight types of unique weapon modules that will continue to be enriched with further developments.
  • A free weapon and skill kit system. Become a wizard who wields a giant sword or a hunter who attacks the enemy.
  • Rescue and recruit teammates and develop them with unique equipment and abilities for your unique strengths.
  • In addition to the adventure, there are taverns, forges, trading and other activities that will be available while you travel.
  • Based on the perspective of the world, the interconnected characters make the journey more interesting and full of surprises.
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