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Kingdom 5 opening video



You DeNeel they uploaded the music video for “Douka” (A Fuse), their single which is used as the opening theme for Season 5 of the anime series adaptation of the manga in .

The song’s lyrics were written by the band’s lead singer, Eight Nakanowho said that Kingdom is his bible, and composed by the guitarist Ryoya Uranus. The music video is based on the story of a boy who continues his training in a Shorinji Kempo temple surrounded by flames, featuring the intense performance of the DeNeel.

The story takes place 2500 years ago in China and follows two young people without a family, Li Xin and Hyō. Despite living as slaves, they both dream of one day becoming great Warlords.

The manga began to be released in 2006 and received an anime series in 2012 with animation by NHK, Sougou Vision and studio Pierrot.

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