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Lego announces Monkey Palace Board Game



O LEGO Group and the Asmodee announce the Monkey Palacethe first board game LEGO. It will be officially presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and will be available for purchase on October 3rd in stores and at SPIEL Essenthe largest board game convention in the world.

Monkey Palace was created by game designers David Gordon It is Tin Aung Myaing and provides family fun for all ages.

Players must work as a team, strategically in a jungle to build the Monkey Palace as they compete for the greatest accumulation of bricks and points, always under the Monkey’s watchful eye. The palace takes shape gradually, resulting in an impressive construction with elements LEGO that players can even display in their homes. The iconic LEGO System in Play It means that each time the board game is played, the building experience and final build are truly distinct and unique.

Birgitte Bülowindustry veteran and leader of the board game creation team LEGO at Asmodee commented the following:

We’re excited to take all LEGO and board game fans on this journey, combining the LEGO Group’s timeless creativity with our passion and expertise in board games. Using the infinite possibilities of LEGO bricks was fundamental in the design of this game. We believe that Monkey Palace offers an extraordinary gaming experience, capable of fusing competition and collaboration, to board game enthusiasts around the world.

Jaume FabregatHead of the Board games department at LEGO Publishing reinforced:

At the LEGO Group, we’re committed to inspiring the builders of tomorrow, which is why we’re so pleased to announce Monkey Palace, in collaboration with Asmodee. The game challenges children and adults to use LEGO elements to build, deconstruct and rebuild their palaces, creating a fun play experience where no two games are the same. This latest collaboration allows us to have even more creative and innovative ways to play.

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