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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the Review



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“Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth”, is one of the best and biggest games in the series

If there’s anything the new title in the franchise Like a Dragon, titled Infinite Wealth, promises pure and simple entertainment. Able to easily take players to a lush and vast setting, clearly inspired by the paradisiacal landscapes of Hawaii, the game offers an exploration experience that the series has not yet had. From sunny beaches to the dark corners of black markets and private parties, this is a game that demands to be explored, whether in the most tense or the most comical moments.

One of the game’s strengths is its cast of characters, who captivate with their unique and charismatic personalities, but without ever forgetting their sillier moments. Although the graphical style is solid without being dazzling, the game manages to efficiently capture the intended atmosphere, although the facial expressions may lack a bit of polish. In moments of greater dramatic intensity, facial expressions end up slightly failing.

Voices play a crucial role in player immersion, with above-average dubbing work that vibrantly brings characters to life. And, of course, the plot, although it follows the path of a protagonist too optimistic for some tastes, the narrative surprises with captivating villains that add quality to the moments of twist, and believe me there are some.

The game offers a huge variety of activities for players to explore, with many hours of play available (we’re talking about 55 hours on average). Exploring the city is a true delight, and at a time when it is not enough GTA 6, this is an open city that we will embrace in the near future. With many moments of total nonsense that may not please everyone, but will certainly captivate those who appreciate a touch of madness, above all the experience was fun, in the style of the series.

In the gameplay department, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth stands out with a strategic and addictive combat system, where the use of scenarios to increase damage adds an extra layer of tactics. The combos between the characters are rewarding and I only regret that the game only becomes really difficult in the final phase. Also worth mentioning is the construction of the character’s heritage, which offers an addictive and rewarding experience, as we will be able to build houses and even our furniture.

The side quests, while they don’t contribute much to the main story, are hilarious and encourage deeper exploration of the city, adding even more value to the game’s vast world. Believe me, the developers were creative in these missions.

All in all, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a refreshing addition to the series, offering a balanced mix of fun, challenge and madness. Whether exploring the sun-drenched beaches with little clothing on, or facing off against the villains that came as a surprise, there is a lot to enjoy in this game that promises many hours of entertainment and some moments that you won’t soon forget.

TRAILER | Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is constant fun

Have you had the opportunity to try “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth”? What are your thoughts on the return of this series?

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