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Low-cost operator surprises with Internet service that will make people talk



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There is an Internet-only operator that arrived in Portugal in recent months and has just presented an innovative service!

In the last few days we have learned about the new operator arriving in Portugal at the beginning of next year. The promise of this new player of telecommunications is to shake up the market with substantially lower prices than those that have been practiced for several years in our country.

João Cadete de Matos, president who recently left office at ANACOMbelieves that both prices such as periods of loyalty will fall next year precisely thanks to the Digi Portugal. “I am sure that these are two problems that will be resolved”he said, quoted by Business Journal.

However, now new good news is emerging, this time about the LigaT. It is an Internet-only operator of “regional in nature, with local implementation, and aims to democratize Internet access“, can be read in site. So, as we already had you in advancefrom 15 euros per month It is no loyalty you can have fiber Internet. Now, the company has just presented the Prepaid Fiber Service with an… appealing price!


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Thus, the On/Offit costs… one euro a day! It involves an initial payment of 120 euros which is converted into days of use, in this case 120 days valid for one year. After that, a minimum top-up of 30 euros is mandatory every quarter, which translates into 30 days of use. Validity remains at 12 months. In this sense, the service is now available in Torres Vedras, Mafra, Malveira, Venda do Pinheiro, Ericeira, Caldas da Rainha, Bombarral, Montijo and Alcochete.

This prepaid fiber offer is very relevant for a group of Customers who value mobility and for those who find it useful to be able to turn the internet on and off depending on where they are. For local accommodation, it is the offer that has been desired for a long time and did not exist. We are always trying to respond to Customers’ needs by breaking taboos and putting into practice the values ​​we believe in and which are the pillar of our action“, explains Luís Filipe Tavares, CEO of LigaT.

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