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Mangaka Keijiro Cho has passed away



13 dogs manga cover vol 1

The mangaka’s official twitter Keijiro Cho revealed on November 20th that he passed away on November 18th, 2023. He was 59 years old and the cause of death was not revealed. The Twitter post was written by his eldest daughter.

Keijiro Cho debuted as a mangaka in 1989 with High school High Sky in the magazine Weekly Morning from the Kodansha. The manga earned him an honorable mention in Tetsuya Chiba Award. He was the manga artist Kiseki no Hito who had a history of Garon Tsuchiya (Old Boy).

In addition to 13 Dogs He is known for his work in golf, mahjong and pachinko magazines with works such as Gokudō x Kishu It is Sakuma Kaoru no Golf tte Muzukashii? Sonna at Dai Uso!.

Here in the OtakuPT We offer our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Keijiro Cho.

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