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Margot Robbie wants to “work 4 more times” with Greta Gerwig after Barbie’s success



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Margot Robbie doesn’t want “Barbie” to be her last time working with Greta Gerwig.

At the ceremony of Gotham Awardsseveral of the candidates for the Oscars as “Killers of the Flower Moon” It is “Rustin” were awarded with special taxes.

Those who also didn’t miss the party were “Barbie” which was awarded the Gotham Global Icon & Creator Tribute, received by those who made it happen, the director Greta Gerwig and the producer Margot Robbie.

Backstage, the duo spoke with Entertainment Tonight and shared how he felt about that tribute.

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For Greta Gerwig, being someone whose origins are so linked to the movement mumblecore and to independent cinema in New York, “The Gotham Awards were part of my experience as a member of the film community […] Every time I had the opportunity to participate in this event, it was inspiring to see this group of filmmakers come together to honor their work.”

When we talk about “Barbie”we refer to the most watched film of the yearwhich grossed $1.44 billion and made Greta Gerwig the first director to helm a feature film that achieved these results. Therefore, none of this seems to fit with Gotham’s mission, as Greta says “I never expected to receive a Gotham award for ‘Barbie’”.

Apparently, this should be the first of many glories for the film starring Margot Robbie. However, neither the actress nor the director want to get ahead of themselves.

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“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves” said Robbie. “This is wonderful enough.”, Gerwig highlighted that she doesn’t want to bring any bad luck to the awards season.

When the journalist praised the duo, Margot Robbie joked that she and Greta Gerwig could very well be “the new Scorsese It is De Niro. Or Scorsese and Leo”, expressing the wish that Greta will work with her again “at least four more times”. With her characteristic good humor, Greta replied “You’re going to play a boxer in the next one”, making reference to “Raging Bull”.

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro are one of the most iconic duos in American cinema, working together on 10 films. It is worth noting that “Barbie”, Gerwig and Robbie’s first adventure, managed to raise more money at the box office than De Niro and Scorsese’s 10 films combined.

This was finally the year in which we saw Martin Scorsese direct Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom he has worked six times, and Robert De Niro in a feature film for the first time with the acclaimed “Killers of the Flower Moon”.


And you, do you want to see Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig together again?

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