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MARO proposes a surprising collaboration with Billie Eilish



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MARO, winner of Festival da Canção 2022, could be in the process of a very special collaboration with one of the best artists in the world.

In the 55th Song Festival Portuguese artist MARO prevailed and booked her ticket to represent Portugal in Eurovision 2022.

The theme “longing, longing” stayed in nineth place the year they won the Kalush, from Ukraine, the year in which Russia entered Ukrainian territory. As the name of the song says, the song is missed and is heard quite frequently by the Portuguese public but also by some of the best artists in the world.

There is an international artist in particular who misses MARO’s voice. A Portuguese artist has already proposed collaboration.


Maro collaboration Billie Eilish song festival

In July last year MARO participated in the “Tiny Desk Concert”, from North American public radio NPR. Her performance did not go unnoticed and Billie Eilish was enchanted by the Portuguese artist’s voice.

At the “Awards Chatter“, of The Hollywood ReporterBillie Eilish goes further and talks about how MARO marked a difficult time in her life – “when I was going through difficult times, the song that served as the soundtrack to my life was “we’ve been loving in silence“, by an artist called MARO. It’s incredible. I can’t even listen to this song that destroys my soul.”

The comment of one of the best artists of the world did not go unanswered. MARO shared the moment on his official Instagram page and asks Billie Eilish to a potential collaboration.


Would it be a good collaboration?

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